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Pet Almighty Photography

by Gordana Popović

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Photographs as keepers

of our precious memories

Join us on a journey that celebrates endless, honest love we humans share with our pets – caught through a camera lens. Our mission is to record those unforgettable moments of closeness and friendship and turn them into a priceless treasure trove of memories you will always happily remember.

Pet photography for private galleries is only one part of our story. Unique commercial pet photographs help you bring new life to your corporate vision or products. Together we will help you build your identity and your brand through strong visual impressions.


Whether it's a relaxed family gathering or a professional commercial project, every photography tells the story of the unique bond between you and your pet.

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Client reviews

The words of our satisfied clients who have entrusted their stories to our lens. Their reviews are not only words of praise but also the heart of our dedication to creating beautiful memories.

"Do you remember? When I said I would love you forever and you thought it would only last as long as we were together. On and on, on and on and away, singing, we may be gone but what we have will always stay" (Bloodywood,Yaad). It doesn’t stop when they are gone, and it definitely stays with you if you have the luxury of looking at PAP photos of your animals. She doesn’t only capture your love for them and their love for you, she puts her heart and soul into these photos and you can see this, as well as feel it during the photo shoot. 

Matea G.